Steering Committee

Photo: Johan Fogde Dias

SIANI has a Steering Committee that meets several times each year to give input and support to the over-all direction of the network and it's activities. Committee members are engaged in a personal capacity.

Full members:  

  • Chairperson: Annika Åhnberg, Tankeföda AB.
  • Andreas Davelid, Swedish Board of Agriculture.
  • Christel Cederberg, Chalmers University.
  • Ingrid Oborn, World Agroforestry Centre.
  • Kajsa Johansson, PhD Candidate at Linnaeus University.
  • Kristina Mastroianni, NIRAS International Consulting.
  • Lennart Ackzell, Federation of Swedish Family Forest Owners.

Ex officio members:

  • Johan Kuylenstierna, Deputy Director, Stockholm Environment Institute.
  • Karin Oskarsson, Sida.
  • Anders Malmer, Professor, SLU Global, Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences.

You can contact the Steering Committee here.