Climate Change, Resilience, Peace & Conflict

“Vegetables: From Seed to Table and Beyond” - 31st International Vegetable Training Course

AVRDC - The World Vegetable Center

AVRDC - The World Vegetable Center's 31st International Vegetable Training Course aims to enhance technical, scientific and managerial skills of the participants to contribute to sustainable development of their countries through increased production and consumption of health-promoting vegetables.

South at the Steering Wheel - Seminar and workshop on large scale tropical biofuel investment

Oilpalm in Borneo - Photo by MontegoBay

The goal of the day is to use a number of presentations in the morning on related topics to develop a common base in the formation of guidelines for an informed update on crucial topics for advancement in the field. These topics, together with written instructions, will then be handed out to scholars for developing a set of policy papers on the issues involved.

Alertnet - In Focus: Hungry World

A very nice interactive feature article on 'Solutions for a Hungry World'.

Mjölk, hälsa och innovation

Mjölk, hälsa och innovation - Seminarium

Det blir en heldag för kontaktskapande och synliggörande av aktiviteter inom mjölkområdet .

Seminariet arrangeras av Food Bioactives Centre och Food & Health Concept Centre, för att stimulera kunskapsutbyte inom livsmedelssektorn.

The Poverty of the Smallholder Ideal - NAI Forum

An article by Bernd E.T. Mueller, from The School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS), London, published in the NAI Forum.

Conference Proceedings - Agricultural Research for Development: Scales & Diversity 2011

Global food security is under stress. With an increasing global population, continuing soil degradation, mounting effects of climate change and other factors, this stress is very likely to increase. To avoid this turning into a global food shortage of disastrous proportions we need to adapt global agriculture to these challenges with changes in policies, technologies and institutions.

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