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In the search for food security, how can African scientists make themselves heard?

Large swathes of the Horn of Africa are currently in the midst of a drought, and around 15 million people are facing food and water shortages. It is a humanitarian crisis with no signs of improving during 2017.

The Swedish food strategy launched

After a long wait, the Swedish Government, the Left Party and the Alliance parties have agreed on long-term objectives in the field of food. The Government has recently presented its long-awaited food strategy.

Join a summer school on healthy and sustainable diets

Wageningen University hosts the 1st International Master class to broaden disciplinary thinking in agriculture, food sciences, nutrition and health to arrive at a disciplinary research perspective on healthy and sustainable diets.

Where to start your international career?

Do you want to pursue a career in international development, but are unsure of how and where to start? SLU Global recently published a pamphlet on international careers, explaining which organisations and pathways there are for graduates that want to work globally.

SLU Global: International career brochure

The aim of this brochure is to provide advice to those interested in pursuing an international career, as well as provide a list of potential employers working in the field of global development. You can also read interviews with SLU alumni about how they designed their careers.

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Utlandspraktik för agronomer tillsammans med Individuell Människohjälp!

Till hösten 2017 erbjuder IM 16 helt finansierade utlandspraktikplatser i Guatemala, Indien, Jordanien, Malawi, Moldavien, Nepal eller Zimbabwe.

Closing remarks on the seminar “Fostering rural transformation”

Presentation held by Kerstin Jonsson Cissé, Sida, at the seminar "Fostering rural transformation – a pathway to a sustainable, peaceful and equitable development?"

Podium discussion at the seminar “Fostering rural transformation”

Podium discussion with Paul Winters (IFAD), Gunnar Köhlin (EfD), Ulrika Modéer (UD), and Ann-Charlott Folkesson (LRF) at the seminar "Fostering rural transformation – a pathway to a sustainable, peaceful and equitable development?"