Equity & Gender

Launch: SLU Global Annual Report 2016

Introducing and forming work along the United Nation's global Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) has left its mark on a lot of our university’s activities in 2016, activities arranged both by SLU Global and by others at SLU.

Accelerating Youth, Education & Innovation in Agribusiness for Sustainable Development

Involvement of local youth in developing agri-food value chains is key to face the challenges of an increasingly knowledge-intensive agriculture, while at the same time providing local employment and meet the needs of a growing global population. This will retain local human capital where it is needed most, and will reduce migration flows.

Gender-sensitive 'kindergarten' policy improves beans and chickpeas in Ethiopia

A kindergarten for children of female employees of the Agricultural Commodity Supplies (ACOS) factory in Ethiopia, is helping boost the productivity of the workers of the factory. This, in turn, leads to an efficient and profitable value chain for common beans and chickpeas.

Almedalen 2017: Feminism och skog – en kärleksaffär

Photo credit: Malin Gustafsson, Focali

Vi vill belysa kvinnors viktiga – men sällan självklara – roll i utvecklingen mot ett hållbart brukande av skogslandskapet, och samtidigt lyfta skogens betydelse för livsmedelsförsörjning globalt. Mer än 1.6 miljarder människor är beroende av skog för sin försörjning. För särskilt utsatta människor är skogen en slags livförsäkring där man kan samla mat och ved.

What do forests have to do with food security? A glance at this year’s HLPE Report

Forests are not the first thing that comes to mind when you think about food security. Sure, it’s fun to go mushroom picking, but otherwise what is the big deal about the role of forests in food security?

What was SIANI Youth up to during this spring?

SIANI Youth was very active in the month of May starting off with a workshop on Youth, Agripreneurship and the Sustainable Development Goals, co-organised with SLU Global. In the morning inspirational speakers talked about business opportunities and how to overcome challenges for entrepreneurs in agirculture.