Equity & Gender

Mutual prosperity - why North and South need each other

Agrinatura General Assembly meeting 2017

Agrinatura represents the major research and education stakeholders in Europe dealing with agricultural research and higher education for development.

Rebranding Research for Sustainable Development - Scientific Conference Week 2017

The University of Rwanda (UR) is pleased to announce the UR Scientific Conference Week entitled: ‘Rebranding Research for Sustainable Development.’ The UR was established in 2013 by the Government of Rwanda from the merger of the nation’s seven (7) public Higher Learning Institutions ‘to deliver quality education and develop innovative teaching and research meant to ad

The importance of self-reflection in research

Alongside a group of my fellow study colleagues at the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences I, Gabrielle Tillberg, was given the opportunity, thanks to the Swedish International Agricultural Network Initiative (SIANI), to attend the Nordic Africa Days 2016 held in Uppsala, Sweden.

Real-life experiences for understanding women’s economic empowerment

My name is Elvira Laurien and in September, I was given the opportunity together with six other master students at the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences (SLU) to participate in the Nordic Africa Days 2016 organized by the

Män och mat

A man taking cell phone pictures of a dish.

Idag lagas över 1/3 av maten i hemmen av män och ökningen är kraftig, vilket lett till att Sverige är ett föregångsland. Lund University Food Studies presenterar intressanta perspektiv. Hur har det blivit så här? Hur ser det ut i dagens kök? Vad kommer att hända i framtiden? Eftermiddagens föredrag lyfter och besvarar frågor om genus, mat och mentalitet.