Equity & Gender

New report on research issues for African agriculture

On the 28th of August, the research project Future Agriculture will be lunching the new report "A contribution to the discussion on: Critical research issues for future sub-Saharan African agriculture". The launch event, held at SLU in Ultuna (Uppsala), will present and discuss for different scenarios for Sub-Saharan Africa.

FANRPAN 2012 High-Level Regional Food Security Policy Dialogue

From Policy to Practice: Advocating for Active Engagement of Youth in Agriculture Value Chains

The policy dialogue, with an estimated attendance of over 200 participants provides an opportunity for FANR stakeholders such as, governments; policy research institutions; universities; farmers organisations; private sector and civil society to review the current status of youth engagemen

Why African Women matter in Sustainable Food production

Photo Credit: L3F

This seminar aims to highlight innovative methodologies in small-scale farming in Sub-Saharan Africa which have demonstrably resulted in transformations in gender relations.

The gender transformative approaches selected have resulted in both economic and social justice benefits - increased production and productivity in farming, efficient use of resources and significant shifts towards

SIANI at World Water Week 2012

The 2012 World Water Week will be held under the theme ‘Water and Food Security’ during 26th – 31st August 2012 in Stockholm.  The 21st century farming challenge to feed 9 billion by 2050 will need to address following questions; How much food will be needed?, How and where it will be grown?

SIANI på Tällberg Forum 2012

"How on earth can we live together? Beyond our imagination."

Hjärtat i stiftelsens verksamhet ligger i mötespunkten Tällberg Forum då beslutsfattare och kulturpersonligheter från hela världen träffas för att diskutera hur vår allt mer globaliserade värld påverkar oss, och hur vi påverkar den.