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Land grabbing in focus

Land grabbing in focus

The Right Livelihood Award Foundation is co-organising a lunch seminar on land grabbing in the Swedish parliament and an open meeting in the evening of 14 June 2012, Stockholm.

’Land grabbing’ – What is it, why is it happening, and what are the effects?

Chinese “land grabs” in Africa – the reality behind the news

China and African agriculture

China’s engagement in Africa has become a hot topic since it significantly accelerated its rate of investment in African countries in the early 2000s.

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Biofuel: A Guide for the Confused


“Biofuels: A Guide for the Confused” is written primarily for field staff and decision-makers involved in biofuel development. It assumes no previous or specialist knowledge of biofuels in terms of their technical/engineering characteristics or biological/cultivation aspects of biofuel feedstocks.

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“Vegetables: From Seed to Table and Beyond” - 31st International Vegetable Training Course

AVRDC - The World Vegetable Center

AVRDC - The World Vegetable Center's 31st International Vegetable Training Course aims to enhance technical, scientific and managerial skills of the participants to contribute to sustainable development of their countries through increased production and consumption of health-promoting vegetables.

PhD Course at SLU: Gender, Development and Environmental Governance

What role do gender equality and democracy have in processes of environmental governance and the attainment of sustainable development?

Alertnet - In Focus: Hungry World

A very nice interactive feature article on 'Solutions for a Hungry World'.