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Rethinking Agriculture and Land Use - Action Research as means for Change - Seminar report

About this report

This report provides an overview of the seminar on “Rethinking Agriculture and Land Use – Action Research as means for Change” held at SLU, Uppsala on 24 August 2015 with 29 participants. The seminar was a joint effort of SIANI and SLU Global.

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Swedish Capacity Development on Food Security: What has worked, and how could it improve?

About this report

This report is based on presentations and discussions at the workshop “The Impact of Capacity Development on Food Security”, held in Stockholm, on 3 March 2016. It was organised by SLU Global, in collaboration with the Swedish International Agriculture Network Initiative (SIANI). 

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Socialpolitik för utveckling

Välkommen till ett seminarium och samtal med Tia Palermo forskare, UNICEF och Joakim Palme professor, Uppsala Universitet
Moderator Dag Ehrenpreis PRO Global

OBS - språk engelska
Onsdag 14 december kl. 16.00
ABF-huset, Sveavägen 41 (T-bana Rådmansgatan)
Fri entré

Green Winter - Uppsala Sustainability Festival

The Uppsala Sustainablity Festival, runs twice a year, autumn and spring, towards a green planet

This is a Project Fair with Inspiring student projects, craft corners for family & kids, hands-on workshops, film screening, and much much more!