Equity & Gender

Ain’t no mountain high enough

“No mountain is too high: our land, our rights, our life.”

Mount Kilimanjaro is the highest mountain of Africa. Its name means “Mountain of Greatness” in Tanzania and for to climb it is considered to be an extremely hard task.

Last week, 16 brave African women did it. They reached to the top of Kilimanjaro after a long tiring journey.

Why are women so important to agriculture?

If you educate a woman, you educate society. Imagine a world where farmers, especially rural African women, learn how to produce high yielding and nutritious food. Imagine the positive impacts that would have on nutrition, health and especially the farmer’s income. Women play a key role in food security; they are the backbone of the rural economy especially in the developing world.

Doing development differently – why aid has to change and how

Many development initiatives have limited impact. Educational curricula are developed, but children do not learn. Nurses are trained, but clinics lack staff. Governments adopt reforms, but institutional practices remain the same and citizens experience little change.

#IamAg Campaign - Encourage Youth in the Sector!

A career in agriculture offers huge potential, especially for young people. Agriculture is a growing sector in need of talented people. It is key to addressing some of the world’s biggest challenges, and it is full of innovation and opportunity.

Träffa praktikanter på World Food Programme's kontor i Köpenhamn!

Varje termin anställer FN:s livsmedelsprogram praktikanter till sitt kommunikationskontor i Köpenhamn. Nedan kan du läsa korta intervjuer med deras fyra praktikanter som jobbar där just nu under höstterminen, bland andra Lisa Westling från Sverige. Om du är intresserad kan du nu skicka in en ansökan om att få göra praktik under våren 2017!

Present your research in a panel on gender, climate change and forests

Lisa Westholm, Focali member and PhD candidate in rural development at Swedish Agricultural University (SLU), will organize a panel at next year’s IUFRO forestry congress in Freiburg, Germany. The theme for the 2017 congress is “Interconnecting Forests, Science and People”.