Governance at the ‘edge’ of the State: political subjectivity and citizenship

State rule is presently challenged in many parts of the world such that governance is achieved by overlapping authorities. The course focuses on the implications of these achievements for conflict, citizenship and social inequality. ‘Political subjectivity’ captures how power operates to produce desires for recognition, belonging, and rights, which all shape inclusion and exclusion.

Uppsala Health Summit 2017 - Tackling Infectious Disease Threats - Prevent, detect, respond with a One Health approach

The program will be organized around solutions-oriented workshops and plenum sessions and encompass a range of topics.These include framework for coordinated laboratory structures, modeling and prediction of emergence of zoonoses, social dimensions of preventing transmission of infectious diseases from animals to humans in low-income countries, economic model

After work with Afrikangrupperna - The right to food

Photo credit: A Verdade via Flickr (CC BY 2.0)

Safe access to land is vital for women and families in rural areas. In this workshop, Flaida Macheze of UNAC - Mozambique's national farmer movement - will talk about the threat of foreign investors taking over firtile farmland. Welcome to an exciting after work with Ådalens Afrikagrupp and Allsta Gård.

Finaldags i Universeums: Älska Skog

Syftet med Älska Skog är att öka kännedom om svensk skog som resurs och dess betydelse samt att skapa ett positivt intresse för svensk skog och bygga upp en längtan att utforska den. Tävlingen 2017 riktar sig till elever i årskurs 5 och 6 och deras uppdrag var att marknadsföra skogen för stadsbor som rent geografiskt har långt till närmsta skog.