Agroecology Day 2017

Inca's corn diversity
Agroecology Day 2017
26 April, 2017 (All day), Lomma Sweden

Welcome to Agroecology Day 2017! 

As every year for the last 6 years, speakers from all over the world travel to Alnarp to share their experiences and knowledge about sustainable agriculture and the ways they make change at the local, regional or/and global level. The past of agriculture guides the present generations towards a future that we all should care about and the construction of which is in everybody’s hands. “Agroecology across generations”, the theme of this year, brings up the importance of today’s individual and collective decisions within an environmental, social and economic framework.

The event will start after lunch and continue through the whole day, and will consist of speeches, workshops, coffee breaks (the so-called Fika), and an informal dinner in which the audience, the organisers and the speakers have the opportunity to discuss while enjoying together food from the company RudeFood, which has accompanied us at other years' Agroecology Days.

You can read more about the event and register at the event website or on the event page on Facebook!