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Public Seminar: Regulations for Fairer Mining in African Countries

Public Seminar: Regulations for Fairer Mining in African Countries
2 May, 2017 - 15:00 - 16:30, Uppsala Sweden

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With Nneoma Veronica Nwogu, Senior Counsel at the World Bank Group and AMLA Team Lead

A Fairer Mining Regulatory Environment for African Countries: Presenting the Africa Mining Legislation Atlas (AMLA)

 Africa Mining Legislation Atlas (AMLA), aligned with the African Union’s Africa Mining Vision was set up to gather data on the legislative and regulatory context of mining in Africa. Covering 53 mining codes on the continent.

The main objectives are

  • To promote a transparent and comparative platform on mining law in Africa.
  • To provide an accessible database for the use of researchers and policy makers working on the legal and regulatory aspects of mining.
  • To catalyze debate on how mining regulatory mechanisms can be drawn on to better benefit African states and their communities.
  • To strengthen local legal expertise in the sector


Chair: Patience Mususa, Senior Researcher at the Nordic Africa Institute

Venue: The Nordic Africa Institute, Villavägen 6, Uppsala

No registration, open to all.