Photo courtesy: Joyce Agalo
3 October 2013
The growing global demand for food, feed, bio-energy and agricultural land together with rapid globalization, new technologies and trade regimes are changing the conditions for the agriculture and utilization of genetic resources worldwide. The revolutionary achievements in the field of biosciences...
Photo courtesy of Neil Palmer (CIAT) via Flickr
22 May 2014
The development of knowledge based bio-economies is increasingly seen as a pathway towards a sustainable economic growth based on renewable resources, moving away from the fossil fuel economy and responding to pressing local and global challenges, including climate change.
Image courtesy of Gord McKenna via Flickr
20 August 2014
The background to the bioeconomy expert group is that progress towards knowledge-based bieconomies is increasingly seen as a path towards sustainable economic growth based on renewable resources. This implies economies moving away from fossil fuels and increasingly utilizing renewable resources as...