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23 June 2017
This blog is part of Farming First’s new #SDG2countdown campaign, a five-week effort exploring each of the five targets of SDG2 on ending hunger. Ed Keturakis, VP of Program Development, and Simone Schenkel, Program Coordinator work at CNFA, and help us continue our week exploring SDG2.4 on...
22 June 2017
NAI researcher Shilpa Asokan has to consider many factors as she takes on the huge task of mapping Africa’s water challenges.
22 June 2017
NAI has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the Institute of African Studies at the University of Ibadan.
21 June 2017
Why are sheep like cabbage? Because they can provide an income for families all year round. Having livestock can help rural communities become more resilient, especially if they are in the hands of women. Watch our new SDG2 in 2 Minutes video with Annet Mulema, a gender specialist at the...
20 June 2017
The approval of a GM variety that kills a devastating pest in cane fields gets mixed reactions.
20 June 2017
The spectre of almost 800 million hungry people globally suggests that food systems do not meet the needs of a large part of society. Food systems are disrupted by shocks linked to climate change and globalization, broken by conflict and even in stable contexts, they often have major flaws. In this...