Photo courtesy of Bo Lager/Vi Skogen
29 August 2012
Boys learning new ideas of masculinity around campfires in rural Africa and “sisterhoods” formed to provide a common voice to women are starting to change attitudes about African women farmers, say the authors of a forthcoming book about gender and agriculture. But it will take many more such...
13 August 2012
Swedish sewerage sludge treatment policy has a one-sided focus on phosphorous recycling. But nitrogen, potassium and sulfur are more important in both economic and environmental regards, says SIANI-associated researchers in a recent debate article in Dagens Nyheter. The article has led to some...
Framtidens lantbruk / Future agriculture
30 July 2012
On the 28th of August, the research project Future Agriculture will be lunching the new report "A contribution to the discussion on: Critical research issues for future sub-Saharan African agriculture". The launch event, held at SLU in Ultuna (Uppsala), will present and discuss for different...
Photo courtesy worldwaterweek on flickr
28 June 2012
The 2012 World Water Week will be held under the theme ‘Water and Food Security’ during 26th – 31st August 2012 in Stockholm.  The 21st century farming challenge to feed 9 billion by 2050 will need to address following questions; How much food will be needed?, How and where it will be grown...
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15 June 2012
The Tällberg Forum 14-17 June in Tällberg brought together political  leaders and thought-leaders from around the world to join the conversation, posing the question “How on Earth can we live together? Beyond our imagination". This annual conversation helps leaders find viable paths in a...
Dr Peter Holmgren, Photo courtesy of CIFOR
14 June 2012
Dr Peter Holmgren selected to lead the Center for International Forestry ResearchBogor, Indonesia (8 June, 2012)—As forest conservation and sustainable development take centre stage in the lead up to the United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development (known as Rio+20), the Center for...
Rio+20 logo
13 June 2012
SIANI attended the Rio+20 Conference in 2012.Ban-Ki Moon called the summit “a once-in-a-generation opportunity to make real progress towards the sustainable economy of the future” and has called for world leaders to “achieve renewed political commitment for sustainable development” including...
SIANI logo
22 May 2012
Welcome!During the last couple of months, SIANI has been developing a new website. We are now happy to present the results, and hope that the site will trigger your interests and help you find the information you need. Here is a short guide for those who visit here for the first time:Two...
Bernd E.T. Mueller
19 April 2012
An article by Bernd E.T. Mueller, from The School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS), London, published in the NAI Forum.Most policymakers and development practitioners typically assume that the great majority of people in rural sub-Saharan Africa are self-employed smallholder farmers. This is...
'Solutions for a Hungry World'
A very nice interactive feature article on 'Solutions for a Hungry World'.