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Earth Rights Conference

What idea is powerful enough to heal the relationship between humans and nature?

This conference will be a space for dialogue and co-creation about the idea that nature, not just humans, have rights. In a time of accelerating socio-ecological challenges, Earth rights is the focus of interest at different scales, from local communities to UN bodies. It is an ancient idea, present in indigenous cultures all around the world. Can Earth rights be the foundation of a new culture of respect and harmony between people and planet?

Come to Sweden’s oldest town, Sigtuna, in April and investigate.

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FRIDAY April 21

9.30 Coffee and registration

10.00 Welcome and introduction

Nature´s rights in law – processes and practice

Rights of Nature – Mari Margil, CELDF
At a time of unprecedented species extinction, ecosystem collapse, and climate change, there is a growing understanding that conventional environmental legal frameworks are inadequate to protect nature. A global movement is growing to advance fundamental change in the relationship between humankind and the natural world, by eliminating the key barriers to environmental protection and sustainability, and placing the highest legal protections on nature through the recognition of rights.

The emergence of ecocide law to protect our common home – Femke Wijdekop, End Ecocide on Earth
Ecocide law aims to make the worst kind of violence against nature an international crime. It recognizes that our planetary boundaries are the ‘ultimate court of appeal’ and that we need to harmonize our human laws with nature’s laws. At this moment, our human laws are completely out of sync with nature’s laws and at the root of this lies the misperception that humans own nature and are separate from it.

Reflections from conference participants and panel


Outdoor exercise: What would a society that acknowledges Earth Rights look like? 

Parallell workshops

Conclusion and check-out


Evening programme


from 7.00 BREAKFAST

8.30 Ceremony to celebrate International Day of Mother Earth

The worldview reflected in Rights of Nature

Sumak Kawsay – A way of living in harmony within communities and with nature – Patricia Gualinga

Parallell workshops


Open space: How can we work with Earth Rights in the transition to sustainability? 

Conclusion, reflection and integration

16.00 Conference ends.