Photo by Barron Fujimoto via Flickr CC BY-NC-SA 2.0
21 April 2017
When we talk about food security we tend to think about livestock or land production. However, many people around the world, especially those in coastal areas, also heavily rely on fish and seafood.
Kristianstads kommun/Fotograf Cecilia Paulstrup
11 April 2017
Vill du aktivera ungdomar och barn i eller nära naturen?Vill du skapa möten mellan människor inom jord- och skogsbruket eller trädgårdsnäringen?Vill du arrangera en aktivitet som skapar dialog och stärker de gröna näringarna i samhället?Svenska Lantbruksveckans fond, KSLA, främjar de...
A rice farmer in central Bangladesh
5 April 2017
Sidas program för Junior Professional Officers (JPO) är ett resursbasprogram inom det multilaterala utvecklingssamarbetet.
Photo credit: WG Films
31 March 2017
New Swedish documentary about land investments in Ethiopia
Field notes
17 March 2017
In the Expert Group for Aid Studies, EBA's series Development Dissertation Briefs (DDB), fledgling PhDs are given the opportunity to summarise their dissertation, focusing on its relevance for Swedish development cooperation.
14 March 2017
Youth and young people are becoming a hot topic among development donors and actors. But who exactly do these "labels" apply to, and are they too broad for effective policies? Or do they create too narrow a focus which is blind to larger structural issues?
8 March 2017
Alongside a group of my fellow study colleagues at the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences I, Gabrielle Tillberg, was given the opportunity, thanks to the Swedish International Agricultural Network Initiative (SIANI), to attend the Nordic Africa Days 2016 held in Uppsala, Sweden.
28 February 2017
FNs ungdomsvolontärprogram (UN Youth Volunteers) för svenska medborgare finansieras av Sida och genomförs av FNs volontärprogram, UN Volunteers (UNV). Tack vare detta samarbete skickar Sida och UNV ut 20 unga volontärer för att stödja FNs arbete inom miljö & klimat, fredsbyggande och montoring...
Women with her cattle in Ethiopia.
22 February 2017
My name is Elvira Laurien and in September, I was given the opportunity together with six other master students at the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences (SLU) to participate in the Nordic Africa Days 2016 organized by the
A selection of fresh vegetables placed out on a wooden board.
20 February 2017
Wageningen University hosts the 1st International Master class to broaden disciplinary thinking in agriculture, food sciences, nutrition and health to arrive at a disciplinary research perspective on healthy and sustainable diets.