In search of double dividends from climate change interventions: Evidence on forest conservation and household energy transitions

Photo courtesy Abbie Trayler-Smith/Panos Pictures/DFID

Globally, the ambition is to further five-fold this kind of support to at least 100 billion USD by 2020. While climate aid is clearly on the rise, there are critical voices against using development aid for climate related purposes.

How to reduce vulnerability in rural Burkina Faso: keeping the trees and planting more or diversifying the livelihoods?

How to understand vulnerability and how to reduce it? If you ask this question to several people on the street they are likely to give you different answers. Same is probably true for those who work with policy and make decision on how to reduce vulnerability of people in rural communities in Africa or elsewhere. Different understanding results in different way of doing things.

The 1st Africa Food Security and Adaptation Conference: Building Resilient Food Systems and Adaptation to Climate Change

The 1st Africa Food Security and Adaptation Conference held on 20-21 August, 2013 in the UN offices in Nairobi, Kenya declared that "ecosystem-based adaptation approaches should be mainstreamed and up-scaled to build resilient food systems and adapt to climate change in Africa".