Agri4D - 2017 Book of Abstracts

Book of abstracts for the Agri4D - 2017 conference with general program, session schedules and bios of speakers and moderators

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Panel discussion - Agricultural research for Development Conference 2015

Panel discussion with John McDermott - IFPRI; Christel Cederberg - Chalmers University, Gothemburg; Kostas Stamoulis - FAO; Margaret Kroma - ICRAF; Jim Sumberg - University of Sussex; Madelene Ostwald - Chalmers University and Olla Möller - Sida. Moderator: Johan L Kuylenstierna - SEI Stockholm

Is agriculture the sweet spot for youth employment in Africa?

Presented by Jim Sumberg - Institute of Development Studies – IDS. University of Sussex, UK - at Agri4D 2015

Livestock's place within planetary boundaries

Presented by Christel Cederberg - Department of Energy and Environment. Chalmers University - Gothenburg at Agri4D 2015