Panel discussion - Agricultural research for Development Conference 2015

Panel discussion with John McDermott - IFPRI; Christel Cederberg - Chalmers University, Gothemburg; Kostas Stamoulis - FAO; Margaret Kroma - ICRAF; Jim Sumberg - University of Sussex; Madelene Ostwald - Chalmers University and Olla Möller - Sida. Moderator: Johan L Kuylenstierna - SEI Stockholm

Is agriculture the sweet spot for youth employment in Africa?

Presented by Jim Sumberg - Institute of Development Studies – IDS. University of Sussex, UK - at Agri4D 2015

Livestock's place within planetary boundaries

Presented by Christel Cederberg - Department of Energy and Environment. Chalmers University - Gothenburg at Agri4D 2015

The changing face of Eastern and Southern African agriculture: from subsistence to commercial enterprises

Are we ready to meet the world’s  increasing food demand over the coming decades? Some people are doubtful of how we are going to feed 2.4 billion more people when no extra land is available and degradation of existing farmland is widespread.

Agriculture for Development Workshop: Agriculture - Nutrition - Health

Photo courtesy: UNAMID via Flickr

In spite of increasing growth rates in global food production during the past 20 years, hunger and undernutrition continues to plague a large share of the world’s population. The number of people suffering from chronic hunger has recently been assessed by the FAO to close to 850 million. According to the WHO, more than 2 billion people suffer from ‘hidden hunger’ (micronutrient deficiencies).