Agricultural production

How to ensure responsible practices along agricultural supply chains?

Can we ensure that the food sold in our supermarkets is delivered through a sustainable supply chain? This is not an easy question to answer, but consumers who want to be responsible face it on a daily basis. Certification schemes are one way of dealing with this issue.

Integrated Landscape Approaches: Expectations & Obstacles

This policy brief presents the case for a new approach to sustainably manage our natural resources: one that takes a holistic view of the landscape and its multiple functions. This new approach considers the interests of the full range of stakeholders and recognizes both formal and informal practices, such as the rule of law and cultural norms.

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NAI Forum has published a new article: 'African Land Grabbing' by Ernest Aryeetey

The subject of transnational land acquisitions, infamously referred to as land grabbing, has increasingly become an important policy concern in Africa as acquisitions have grown in scale and number. Is this another case of corrupt African leaders selling their citizens short or simply governments pursuing an economic development opportunity?