Agriculture and forestry

Growing money on trees in Africa, a conversation with Björn Lundgren

The UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) highlight 17 important issues that humanity needs to address in order to improve the lives of millions. Trees have a role to play in many development issues, and are closely linked to the SDG #15 “Life on land”.

Domsjö Fabriker - The unique Biorefinery

Presented by Hans Grundberg at the workshop "Moving Africa Towards a Knowledge based Bio-economy: How can Sweden assist?" organised by the SIANI Bio-economy Expert Group on 3 December 2014. 

A one-day seminar with international land rights experts in Gothenburg

On the 10th of September 2014 there will be a seminar at the University of Gothenburg: "Securing Forest and Community Land Rights - Challenges, Trends and Ways Forward" with the aim to contribute to knowledge sharing and discuss ways forward and concrete roles that different actors can play to advance forests and community land rights.

Securing Forest and Community Land Rights - Challenges, Trends and Ways Forward

Photo credit: Ollivier Girard, CIFOR

The seminar will focus on forests and other off-farm areas that constitute vital resources for the food security and livelihoods of the rural poor in many developing countries. These lands are often used in integrated ways by local communities under communal customary arrangements while often formally owned by the state.

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Can ‘Insetting’ Make Carbon Finance Work Better for Farmers?

Carbon finance has become a hot topic in rural development, with many governments and civil-society groups looking to leverage the carbon capture potential of trees and soil to raise funds for agricultural and agroforestry projects.

Global Landscapes Forum: Shaping the Climate and Development Agenda for Forests and Agriculture

Photo credit: CIFOR (flickr)

The event will include the world’s top speakers on the importance of forests, agriculture and other land uses for tackling climate change and promoting sustainable, equitable development. Sessions will cover four key themes: Sustainable Investments, Policy and Governance, Climate Change Adaptation and Mitigation and Food Security and Nutrition.

Forests and trees provide benefits for food security and nutrition – what is your say?

Forests, trees on farms and agroforestry systems contribute to food security, nutrition and livelihoods in several ways, including as a direct source of food, fuel, employment and cash income.