Agro-ecological sustainability

Systems Research for Sustainable Intensification in Smallholder Agriculture

Photo courtesy Bernard Vanlauwe, IITA

In the context of systems research in agriculture, ‘system’ may apply to the farming system, the livelihood system or the agro-ecological system. This ‘system’ may also exist at different levels or scales (such as farm, community, national, regional or global).

Biodiversity and Food Security – From Trade-offs to Synergies

Photo courtesy Davy Landman via Flickr (CC BY-SA 2.0)

Biodiversity at all levels, including the diversity of genes, species and ecosystems, is lost at alarming rates. Critical factors for these trends are habitat destruction, global warming and the uncontrolled spread of alien species. Pollution, nitrogen deposition and shifts in precipitation further affect biodiversity. 

The 3rd West African Conference on Organic Agriculture

Songhai Centre, Benin - Photo courtesy daventam via Flickr (CC BY-ND 2.0)

Agriculture is still remaining the backbone of the economy of many African countries. It is practiced as permanent occupation by a very large number of small scale farmers. The increasing use of agrochemicals threatens the ecological support of agriculture.

Introducing: Expert Group on Agriculture Transformation in Low-Income Countries

There is a growing need for a deepened knowledge among different stakeholders in Sweden and globally about the need for a transition of the agriculture sector to an approach based on biodiversity and ecosystem services (as for example biological control, water regulation, nutrient circulation processes) and on local knowledge, creativity and initiative combined with cross-learning over networks