Central Asia

Agricultural Transitions along the Silk Road Restructuring, Resources and Trade in the Central Asia Region

Photo courtesy Asian Development Bank (CC BY-NC-ND 2.0)

However, agriculture has remained important for rural employment and livelihoods in all countries. Questions of irrigation management, land reform, food security and government earnings from agriculture highlight the importance of the sector for general economic development across the region.

Food Futures: A Story From the Roof of the World

Food sustains us; it gives us energy to live and feel alive. We love it; we hate it. It makes us laugh; it makes us cry (especially when slicing onions). Whatever the reason, food is highly emotive.

AGRICASIA’13 - the 1st Central Asia Congress on Modern Agricultural Techniques and Plant Nutrition

Photo credit: david goetz via Flickr

The congress will also cardinally contribute to the studies of ‘Empowering the Agricultural Innovation Systems in Turkey and Middle Asian Countries’ which are being carried out within Turkey - FAO.