Climate change

Sink it or lose it: the carbon trade-off

This is an excerpt from a piece that was originally posted on the CIAT Blog.

New studies released by CIAT and partners show that, given the vast amount of carbon stored our soils, small management changes could have tremendous impacts, offsetting greenhouse gas emissions.

Final report: SIANI African Biochar Expert Group

This report summarizes the work of the SIANI Expert Group on African Biochar. It presents the completed activities during the period of Expert Group funding and gives an outlook of additional activities yet to come.

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Should scientists stop flying? Decoupling knowledge from carbon in an age of climate change

Warmly welcome to a joint KTH-Uppsala Seminar with Kevin Andersson, Uppsala University’s Zennström Professor in Climate Change Leadership at the Centre for Sustainable Development (Cemus).

Why the local food trend won’t cut it in a climate change future

As part of WLE's partnership with The Economist's Sustainability Summit this March in London, the Thrive blog is publishing a series of posts that discuss the role science plays in catalyzing shifts toward sustainability in the private sector and beyond.

Reducing food waste across global food chains

Worldwide, massive amounts of food are wasted and in this policy brief, the SIANI Expert Group “Food Waste Prevention Strategies for Global Food Chains” identifies what can be done to decrease and avoid food waste.

Reducing food waste across global food chains

About a third of edible food produced worldwide is wasted, and by reducing this waste we can feed more people without increasing production, reduce the fossil fuel dependence, decrease pressure on water & land resources and save money.

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Kickstarta karriären med Sveriges Junior Professional Officer Program!

Är du i början på din karriär inom internationella utvecklingsfrågor? Har du samlat på dig lite arbetslivserfarenheter men vill ta klivet ut i en internationell organisation som jobbar med jordbruk och tryggad livsmedelsförsörjning? Då kan Sveriges JPO-program (Junior Professional Officer) vara något för dig!