Climate change

Protecting biodiversity to ensure the future we want

Man digging in stream in Pakistan

Better science and knowledge for better policy on biodiversity and nature’s contributions to people in the Asia-Pacific region.

Sink it or lose it: the carbon trade-off

This is an excerpt from a piece that was originally posted on the CIAT Blog.

New studies released by CIAT and partners show that, given the vast amount of carbon stored our soils, small management changes could have tremendous impacts, offsetting greenhouse gas emissions.

John Corbett: Information Services Grow Resilient Agriculture

In this guest blog, John Corbett, Gabe Stalcup and Leila Al-Hamoodah of big data company aWhere, Inc. discuss the need for “information agile” agriculture that can help smallholder farmers adapt to a changing climate.

Final report: SIANI African Biochar Expert Group

This report summarizes the work of the SIANI Expert Group on African Biochar. It presents the completed activities during the period of Expert Group funding and gives an outlook of additional activities yet to come.

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Should scientists stop flying? Decoupling knowledge from carbon in an age of climate change

Warmly welcome to a joint KTH-Uppsala Seminar with Kevin Andersson, Uppsala University’s Zennström Professor in Climate Change Leadership at the Centre for Sustainable Development (Cemus).