Climate Smart Agriculture

Inspiring action: Nyando climate-smart villages host policy makers

A group of farmers is reaching out to policy makers in Africa, sharing with them lessons from their journey to attaining food secure households.

Launch of the The Global Alliance for Climate-Smart Agriculture

The CSA alliance will be launched by the UN Secretary General at the Climate Summit in September 2014. The Alliance aims to enable 500 million farmers worldwide to practice climate-smart agriculture: increasing agricultural productivity and incomes, strengthening the resilience of food systems and farmers’ livelihoods and curbing the emission of greenhouse gases related to agriculture.

Global Landscapes Forum

Photo courtesy of Tomas Munita, CIFOR via Flickr

Multifunctional landscapes and land uses are at the heart of the intertwined challenges associated with climate and development. Global Landscapes Forums, held alongside the UN climate negotiations, create a platform for positioning landscapes in the new international agreements on climate and sustainable development.

Can Mitigation Funding Benefit Smallholders' Food Security and Build Climate Resilience?

Photo courtesy: Gates Foundation via Flickr

Presentations from Learning Event at Agriculture and Rural Development Day 2011 in Durban, South Africa


  • To share knowledge and experience from the Kenya Agricultural Carbon Project (KACP).
  • To establish the relevance of climate-smart agricultural practices for current and future food security.
  • To identify and discuss funding and p