Crisis and resilience

¿Quiénes son los “Transfarmers”?

Al igual que los Transformers (como los de la película), que pueden cambiar de forma para cumplir distintas tareas, la pequeña agricultura puede también transformarse para cumplir diversas funciones, más allá de su rol

Madhu Sudhan Ghimire: Getting Nepal on the Road to Resilient Recovery

“In his guest post on the FarmingFirst website, Madhu Sudan Ghimire, an agriculture student from Nepal urges for action to be taken to support rural communities and farmers, to avoid a food crisis in the country following the recent earthquake.

4th Nordic Conference For Rural Research

Photo by Massmo Relsig via flickr. Vernal Daydream  A colorful way up near littl

The Nordic ruralities conference is an interdisciplinary forum for rural research with a particular emphasis on the Nordic countries. Rural communities frequently experience rapid changes in e.g.