Ecosystem Services

Trouble for tapioca: Cassava in Vietnam

Vietnam is world renowned for its cuisine, and one of the staple crops in the country, as well as throughout Southeast Asia, is cassava, more popularly known as tapioca. Originally from South America, cassava tubers contain valuable starch and minerals, and is generally quite robust when it comes to withstanding the effects of climate change and other environmental impacts.

Protecting biodiversity to ensure the future we want

Man digging in stream in Pakistan

Better science and knowledge for better policy on biodiversity and nature’s contributions to people in the Asia-Pacific region.

Träden - värdefulla miljökämpar

Sveriges Radio sänder inslag i Vetenskapsradions Klotet där bland annat Focali forskaren Anders Malmer (SLU) lyfter den nya synen på träd som är på väg att växa fram, både i Sverige och i andra delar av världen. 

The 2030 Agenda and Ecosystems - New report

The 2030 Agenda and Ecosystems - A discussion paper on the links between the Aichi Biodiversity Targets and the Sustainable Development Goals.

New report by Torbjörn Ebenhard from CBM; and Maria Schultz and Tristan D. Tyrrell from SwedBio.

Swedish researchers at the IUCN World Conservation Congress in Hawaii

How has Sweden succeeded in involving people in nature conservation and species protection? What are the experiences of using the concept of ecosystem services in Swedish planning and decision making?