Global Land Outlook investigates the land-energy nexus

12 September, 2017 Global Land Outlook (GLO) launched “Energy and Land Use” working paper at the UNCCD COP 13 in Ordos, China.

Final report: SIANI African Biochar Expert Group

This report summarizes the work of the SIANI Expert Group on African Biochar. It presents the completed activities during the period of Expert Group funding and gives an outlook of additional activities yet to come.

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Second World Irrigation Forum

Photo courtesy AgriLife Today (CC BY-NC-ND 2.0)

The meeting will discuss: how actors are balancing the demands of maintaining water supply, producing food, generating energy and protecting ecology; managing climatic extremes, especially floods and droughts; and "smart actions" for alleviating hunger and poverty through irrigation and drainage.

Dialogue on Transformation: Strategies for changes

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NGO Strategy Dialogue on Energy and Climate, Agriculture and Food Security towards the Great Transformation

Conference on 1-2 November 2012 in Bonn

Never before in history has the number of hungry and chronically undernourished people climbed to such levels.