Environmental sustainability

“Global leverage points” for sustainable food security

Achieving sustainable global food security is one of humanity’s great challenges. A team of international scientists has identified key “global leverage points” that offer the best opportunities to improve both global food security and environmental sustainability. 

Water and Energy for Sustainable Development

Photo courtesy: Ana Gren

The demand will continue to increase significantly over the coming decades, especially in countries undergoing transformation and rapid economic growth. Addressing these challenges will require cross sector collaboration, as water and energy are tightly interlinked and highly interdependent.

Sustainability Science Congress

Photo courtesy: UC Irvine via Flickr

This international and solutions orientated congress invites experts across disciplines to break down academic barriers and jumpstart a broader collaboration on sustainable solutions relevant for society. Also targeting businesses and policy makers, the congress aims to provide a platform for science-policy interface relevant for global challenges.

17th Indonesia Environment Week

Photo: Los Angeles Times

Indonesia Environment Week is an annual event that fully supported by the Ministry of Environment of Indonesia to commemorate the World Environment Day which fell on 5 June. The event showcases the achievements and programmes in the environment sector which have been conducted by its stakeholders.