Expert Views

Three Steps for Transforming Agriculture to Feed the World

In this guest post, Nick Austin, Agricultural Development Director at the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, outlines a new global roadmap for transforming smallholder farming in order to feed the world. Part of Farming First’s #SDG2countdown series on SDG2.1 – ending hunger.

Shift in Smallholder Farming Central to Solving the Hunger Challenge

Helping farmers make the leap from subsistence to commercial farming is critical to solving hunger and meeting SDG2.1, argues Will Surman at CropLife International.

An Inclusive Business for Achieving Zero Hunger

As we reach the final week of the #SDG2countdown campaign, Dr. Scott Angle, President and CEO of IFDC tells Farming First why setting up inclusive businesses is our best bet for ending hunger (SDG2.1) by 2030.

Steps to Eradicate Childhood Stunting & Achieve SDG2.2

In this guest blog post, Morgane Danielou, from the Secretariat of the Private Sector Mechanism to the UN Committee on World Food Security tells Farming First about three projects on the frontline of the battle against stunting. Part of Farming First’s #SDG2countdown on SDG2.2: ending malnutrition.

Using Big Data to Help Combat Malnutrition in Africa

In this guest blog for the #SDG2countdown campaign‘s week on SDG2.2: ending malnutrition, Dr. Debisi Araba outlines a new big data initiative designed to detect malnutrition before disaster strikes. Dr.

Private Sector Partnerships are Growing Nutritious Food Systems

This week, the #SDG2countdown moves on to explore SDG2.2: ending malnutrition. When smallholder farmers need a helping hand to break the cycle of poverty and malnutrition, partnerships with the private sector can offer crucial support, writes Ann Steensland, Deputy Director, Global Harvest Initiative.

Senegalese Women Revive Appetite for Traditional Grains

In order to double productivity and incomes and meet SDG2.3, many small food producers need access to finance to get their businesses off the ground. Will McAneny at Root Capital tells Farming First about an innovative business in Senegal that is empowering women and improving nutrition, as part of the Farming First #SDG2countdown.

“Growing Together” to Support Smallholders in Meeting SDG2.3

Doubling smallholder productivity & incomes – the theme of the #SDG2countdown this week – is at the core of Sygenta’s “Good Growth Plan“. Juan Gonzalez-Valero, Head of Public Policy and Sustainability at Syngenta tell us more. 

The Secret to Growing More Food with Less Water

This week in the #SDG2countdown to the High Level Political Forum in New York, we’ll be exploring SDG2.3, which is all about doubling agricultural productivity and incomes for smallholder farmers. Is productivity just about yield, or actually producing more with greater efficiency?

Soil Health: The Key to Boosting Productivity, Sustainability and Resilience

This week, as part of the #SDG2countdown, we are hosting blogs that show progress towards SDG2.3 – doubling smallholder productivity & incomes.