14 Ways Agriculture is Contributing to the Sustainable Development Goals

For the past five weeks, Farming First and its supporters have been sharing stories on how agriculture is helping us achieve the Sustainable Development Goals in our #SDG2countdown campaign.

Can mussels be a secret answer to sustainable aquaculture?

When we talk about food security we tend to think about livestock or land production. However, many people around the world, especially those in coastal areas, also heavily rely on fish and seafood.

Innovative, Inspiring, Modern…We are talking about urban farming

Farming is no longer confined to rural areas. Urban agriculture is becoming an essential part of food security. In a context of rapid urbanization, higher urban poverty. More importantly, urban agriculture is essential for improving urban food security.

Let’s make farming famous

Of the 14 side events that I attended during the Committee on World Food Security (CFS), the event on farming, innovation and youth was the most engaging and energetic.

SIANI Youth i Almedalen 2016: Unga, Agenda 2030 och en tryggad livsmedelsförsörjning

Photo Chad Skeers (Flickr, CC)

Visste du att vi aldrig någonsin varit så många unga på vår planet som vi är idag? Vi vet att ungdomsfrågor runt fattigdomsbekämpning, hunger och jordbruk är väldigt viktigt och att unga måste få vara en integrerad del av hela Agenda2030. 

Being a young farmer what does it entail? by Supisra Ayaraphong

Presented as part of the "World Food Day 2014: A Spotlight on the Value of Youth in Family Farming" Event.

Reporting From the Committee on Food Security (CFS 40)

Matthew Fielding and Madeleine Fogde from SIANI participated in the Swedish Delegation to the Committee on World Food Security CFS 40 in Rome  October 7-11. The CFS is the most important intergovernmental and multi-stakeholder platform to follow up on food security and nutrition policies .