Food security

Forward to the past

Developing and agreeing on policies for food security is just the beginning.  During this first day of the Committee on World Food Security, numerous members of the plenary addressed the following question: “what is the next step?

The New Development Paradigm

Investing in agriculture is not enough to reduce poverty because the rural poor are often engaged in multiple economic activities. While pro-poor growth starts with agriculture, reducing rural poverty requires increasing the productivity of small-scale agriculture, creating jobs, fostering economic diversification and investing in people.

1000 cups of tea - the Maori experience

For the first time in 40 years, the Committee on World Food Security (CFS) hosted a side event on the issues concerning indigenous peoples and food. Their traditional knowledge and practices are known to be resilient to climate change, and they respect and protect natural resources.

Time for a holistic approach to rural poverty

Can we be more innovative in how we approach rural transformation? That was the key question in my mind after attending a Side Event on the topic, part of the United Nations Committee on World Food Security (CFS) held in Rome this week.

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Agricultura en tiempos de Pokemón Go

Nunca antes una aplicación de videojuegos había sido tan descargada como Pokemón Go.

Do you get hangry?

Money may not buy happiness, but I am certainly happier when I am not hungry. And, while I sit here typing away, satiated after a nutritiously fulfilling lunch, people are hangry...chronically hangry.

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Genome Sequencing for the Orphans

Perhaps the most compelling argument for greater food security is the shocking number of young children in the world who suffer stunting due to malnutrition: an estimated 161 million children below five years of age according to UNICEF, WHO and the World Bank. 

Stronger capacities, stronger communities

Every country addresses food security and nutrition issues from different perspectives and not all countries have the same capacities to overcome adversity and emergencies. What is needed are initiatives that develop and reinforce national capacities in order to improve the food security status of the vulnerable populations.

Why we need to talk about food policy

Food policy might seem a rather boring topic … after all, you can't eat policy, right?

Even today in the opening statements of the 43rdsession of the Committee on World Food Security (CFS), delegates reiterated the call to focus on action over policy.