A small fish with huge nutritional benefits for rural households in Bangladesh

Mola and carp fish farming: A winning combination to boost nutrient intakes in Bangladesh and beyond

Evidence that small indigenous fish species can affect significant nutritional outcomes is growing.

High milk yields in a harsh climate: Is it all about the genes?

Droughts, heat, erratic rainfall and floods can leave cows, sheep and goats with little to graze on. Changing climate will affect production of feed for livestock too. Harsh and extreme weather conditions can also reduce reproductive ability and undermine health of animals.

Real-life experiences for understanding women’s economic empowerment

My name is Elvira Laurien and in September, I was given the opportunity together with six other master students at the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences (SLU) to participate in the Nordic Africa Days 2016 organized by the

Män och mat

A man taking cell phone pictures of a dish.

Idag lagas över 1/3 av maten i hemmen av män och ökningen är kraftig, vilket lett till att Sverige är ett föregångsland. Lund University Food Studies presenterar intressanta perspektiv. Hur har det blivit så här? Hur ser det ut i dagens kök? Vad kommer att hända i framtiden? Eftermiddagens föredrag lyfter och besvarar frågor om genus, mat och mentalitet.


Putting Agenda 2030 into practice - how Sida works

Presentation held by Maria Berlekom, Sida, on the 23rd November 2016 at the event Putting Agenda 2030 into practice - how the landscape perspective can contribute.