Governance at the ‘edge’ of the State: political subjectivity and citizenship

State rule is presently challenged in many parts of the world such that governance is achieved by overlapping authorities. The course focuses on the implications of these achievements for conflict, citizenship and social inequality. ‘Political subjectivity’ captures how power operates to produce desires for recognition, belonging, and rights, which all shape inclusion and exclusion.

Putting 2030 Agenda into practice, how the landscape perspective can contribute?

It has been over a year since the adoption of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and the historic signing of the Paris Climate Agreement. Both of these events put forward a new agenda for development, and those who work in this field have been looking into the ways to navigate in this new context.

Multifunctional landscapes for food security, livelihoods and the environment

Together, SIANI and SLU Global host Agri4D, a large biannual national conference. This conference also has an inter-twining biannual smaller meeting for young researchers since 2014. For 2016 it was proposed to carry out the smaller conference with the thematic field of “multifunctional landscapes”.

New research project to examine the empty forest syndrome

A new research project will study how participatory forest monitoring can be a viable option to achieve long-term forest conservation goals by including animal species in the scope of forest conservation schemes.

Land and Poverty Conference 2016: Scaling up Responsible Land Governance

Photo courtesy kris krüg (CC BY-NC-ND 2.0)

The main conference will run from 15-17 March and will comprise policy sessions and round-tables on core conference themes. Other key activities will include a pre-conference workshop on innovations in land governance research and monitoring, and a post-conference learning day offering masterclasses to familiarize participants with cutting edge tools and techniques for policy makers.

Governance and Procedures for SIANI (2013-2016)

The Swedish International Agricultural Network Initiative (SIANI) is a member-based network that supports and promotes Swedish expertise in agriculture and development. It provides an open and interactive platform for engagement and dialogue in a global context. SIANI’s mission is to enable sustainable food security and nutrition for all.

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Fostering sustainability in frontier regions: 6 propositions

Frontier landscapes present some of the greatest challenges to sustainable development, but also great opportunities. These are geographically remote, scarcely populated areas that are being transformed rapidly by agricultural expansion and associated socioeconomic changes.