A Roadmap for a Healthy Ganga

To hundreds of millions of Indians, the Ganges is not just a river but a holy blessing, flowing a nectar (amrit) of self-purifying water from the Himalayas to the Bengal Bay.

1st International Agrobiodiversity Congress

The organizers are pleased to invite scientists, students, farmers, as well as representatives from government, non-government organizations and industry to share their research experiences for sustainable management and utilization of agrobiodiversity.

Can India´s wasteland be used for biomass plantations?

How much of India’s vast wasteland can be used for growing plants such as eucalyptus and Jatropha? As land demands have increased, the sustainable use of marginal lands has become increasingly important. In India about 47 million hectares, or 15 percent of the total geographical area, is classified as wastelands.