Towards a more efficient irrigation and fertiliser management in Mozambique

As much as 40% of the global food production comes from irrigated agriculture, but large amount of fertilisers and irrigation water is lost due to inappropriate irrigation practices.

How to increase maize yield in rainfed agriculture?

Maize yields in sub-Saharan Africa have been at the lower end of the global range for decades. A new thesis by Emilio Magaia, PhD candidate at the Department of Soil and Environment at SLU presents a way to improve water use efficiency in semi-arid regions through better soil and water management.

Connecting the dots, follow the updates from our Expert Group on linkages between water, sanitation & food security

There is a close link between the human right to safe drinking water and sanitation and the human right to food. Safe drinking water and sanitation are crucial for human health and nutritional up-take, while water and plant nutrients (often in the form of fertilizers) are indispensable for producing food.

Small Scale Irrigation Systems to Boost Food Security

Technology such as affordable pumps has helped many families in the poorest parts of the world to irrigate their small plots. This has boosted the harvest and family incomes. In sub-Saharan countries, the access to water makes a big difference between going hungry or having enough food to support the family.

Fourth African Regional Conference on Irrigation and Drainage (ARCID)

Photo courtesy Laura Gilmore (CC BY-NC-ND 2.0)

The conference will focus on boosting agricultural productivity in Africa, based on irrigation and drainage. Keynote speeches will address: the farm and science interface under climate change; improving agricultural water management in Africa; and Water-Food-Energy nexus challenges at the farm.

Reporting from the Agri4D Conference: Water Resources and Sustainable Intensification

Global forecast for 2050 is a continued growing, increasingly urbanized and more affluent population, which, most likely, will demand both more food and more water intensive food. As a result, the pressure on already stressed water resources for food production will increase further.

AgroTech Russia 2013: Making Russian agriculture more competitive - focus on modern production procedures and management systems

Photo courtesy: CIMMYT via Flickr

The largest trade fair for agricultural machinery and crop production to be held in Russia this year, it is being supported by the Ministry of Agriculture of the Russian Federation and by Moscow City Government. AgroTech Russia is part of Russia's agricultural trade fair 'Golden Autumn'.