Latin america

Poverty and inequality reduction in Latin America

Photo courtesy Sgt. 1st Class Alan B. Owens, U.S. Army (CC BY-NC 2.0)

During the last two decades poverty and income inequality has decreased substantially in Latin America. Budget allocations for social expenditure have increased and the middle class has grown. What are the main explanations behind this development which contrasts with the picture of Latinamerica as the continent with the highest degree of inequality?

Scaling up strategies from technology transfer to empowerment with focus on agroecology

Presented by Riccardo Quiros at the seminar How to Feed Nine Billion within the Planet’s Boundaries - Agroecology for Food Security & Nutrition organised by the SIANI Expert group on Agriculture Transformation. 

‘Scaling-up’ – From Technical Transfer to Empowerment

In the past scaling-up in agriculture was all about the ways extension could help informing farmers more effectively and about application of the good agricultural practice research.

No Food and Nutrition Security without Water, Sanitation and Hygiene - Event part of WWW 2012

WASH investments substantially contribute to food and nutrition security: Making more out of available food through improved health and increasing harvests through productive sanitation.