Can we eat meat and be climate friendly?

What is climate friendly food? That is the question that me and my fellow students asked when we started to work on a project for one of the agronomy course at the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences. The project was about modifying commonly cooked recipes so they have lower carbon footprint.

Counting the Uncountable: a Discussion on Environmental Services with Pavan Sukhdev

A seminar with the ‘green economics’ expert hosted by SIANI, SEI and partners focused on the role of ecosystem services in our economy and how to include their value in the financial systems we use.

International Summer School on: Life-Cycle Approaches to Sustainable Regional Development

Photo: University of Salento

In order to be competitive, all companies need to be eco-efficient – adding more value to a good or service while using less resources and releasing less pollutants.

The aim of the school is to familiarize students with tools which are useful to understand and evaluate the dimensions of sustainability of a wide range of activities.