SDG2.2 in 2 Minutes: Sikhalazo Dube, ILRI

In a region where malnutrition and stunting levels are high, animal-source foods can boost protein levels for children who need it. Sikhalazo Dube explains why livestock is critical for boosting nutrition in Africa.

Steps to Eradicate Childhood Stunting & Achieve SDG2.2

In this guest blog post, Morgane Danielou, from the Secretariat of the Private Sector Mechanism to the UN Committee on World Food Security tells Farming First about three projects on the frontline of the battle against stunting. Part of Farming First’s #SDG2countdown on SDG2.2: ending malnutrition.

Using Big Data to Help Combat Malnutrition in Africa

In this guest blog for the #SDG2countdown campaign‘s week on SDG2.2: ending malnutrition, Dr. Debisi Araba outlines a new big data initiative designed to detect malnutrition before disaster strikes. Dr.

Join a summer school on healthy and sustainable diets

Wageningen University hosts the 1st International Master class to broaden disciplinary thinking in agriculture, food sciences, nutrition and health to arrive at a disciplinary research perspective on healthy and sustainable diets.