Higher Education for Sustainable Agriculture: Working for food and nutrition security in the Philippines

This Policy Brief describes the state of the art in agriculture education in the Philippines, provides an overview of the environmental concerns linked to agriculture in the country and the implications for higher education, and makes recommendations on how to resolve national agro-environmental issues and improve higher education in order to increase the sustainability of agriculture.

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HESA Expert Group - final activity report published

In 2015 SIANI funded a new Expert Group in Southeast Asia, which has been looking at best practices and the capacities for Higher Education for Sustainable Agriculture (HESA) in the region.

Food Security in the Philippines: An Academic-Government Dialogue

It aims to better understand related government policies, programs and institutions while examining implications for universities and research institutions nation-wide.

Our Expert Group is all set to examine Higher Education for Sustainable Agriculture in the ASEAN region

This Expert Group aims to initiate collaborative cross-disciplinary research to assess the state of HESA in the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) region and provide recommendation for its higher capacity and better quality.

Reporting from the Agri4D Conference: Transforming Gender Roles in Agriculture - Ways Forward

A gender lens was applied to a wide range of agricultural research topics in one of the parallel sessions on Thursday morning (Sep 26th). As is often the case at the gender related discussions, a female dominated audience filled the room and speakers and facilitator were all women. However, as the session commenced about a quarter of seats were occupied by men.

ARDD at Rio+20: Vegetable gardens a nexus for agriculture, nutrition and health

Presented as part of ARDD Learning Event 9:

From field to fork to field - Nutritious food and nutrient cycling to enhance health, wealth and resilience

18 June 2012, 11.30 – 13.00

Agriculture and Rural Development Day at Rio+20

Room A, Mezzanine Floor

Speaker: Dr Robert Holmer, AVRDC The World Vegetable Centre