Scaling up

Scaling up agroecology for food security, empowerment and resilience

This policy brief discusses ways to scale up agroecological approaches and suggests actionable advice tailored for various stakeholders, including policy-makers, private sector, financial partners, research and development community and civil society. The brief focuses on how to design scaling up initiatives and provides success as well as failure stories.

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Scaling up strategies from technology transfer to empowerment with focus on agroecology

Presented by Riccardo Quiros at the seminar How to Feed Nine Billion within the Planet’s Boundaries - Agroecology for Food Security & Nutrition organised by the SIANI Expert group on Agriculture Transformation. 

FAO International Symposium on Agroecology for Food and Nutrition Security

Photo courtesy of Lon&Queta via Flickr (CC BY-NC-SA 2.0)

In line with the trend towards more sustainable food systems, Agroecological practices, research and policies have seen exponential growth in the last decade. At the same time Agroecology has not yet become mainstreamed within the broader context of science and development work. 

‘Scaling-up’ – From Technical Transfer to Empowerment

In the past scaling-up in agriculture was all about the ways extension could help informing farmers more effectively and about application of the good agricultural practice research.