Small holder farmers

Small Scale Irrigation Systems to Boost Food Security

Technology such as affordable pumps has helped many families in the poorest parts of the world to irrigate their small plots. This has boosted the harvest and family incomes. In sub-Saharan countries, the access to water makes a big difference between going hungry or having enough food to support the family.

Rethinking food insecurity and undernutrition in Africa

Food insecurity and undernutrition are low on priority list of most countries, particularly in Africa. The results are staggering: perpetuated poverty, threatened human survival, and economic stagnation.

The 3rd West African Conference on Organic Agriculture

Songhai Centre, Benin - Photo courtesy daventam via Flickr (CC BY-ND 2.0)

Agriculture is still remaining the backbone of the economy of many African countries. It is practiced as permanent occupation by a very large number of small scale farmers. The increasing use of agrochemicals threatens the ecological support of agriculture.

Rights-based versus Market-based Development: a False Dichotomy for Small-scale Farmers?

Photo courtesy of Onny Carr via Flickr

Development policymakers, academics and practitioners gathered at a ‘provocation’ seminar led by IIED in Stockholm, Sweden on the 3rd of March 2011 to discuss whether their approaches to supporting small-scale farmers should be based on markets or rights.

Getting seed to smallholders needs a business approach

A locally owned, alternative model of supplying affordable seed is working for Africa's farmers, says Joe deVries, AGRA.