Smallholder Farming

Webinar: Stephanie Hanson from One Acre Fund on Financing for Smallholder Farmers

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Stephanie Hanson joined One Acre Fund as the director of policy and outreach in 2009. From 2006 to 2009, she covered economic and political development in Africa and Latin America for, the website of the Council on Foreign Relations.

Have Brazil’s deforestation policies hit the limits of their effectiveness?

Deforestation in the Amazon has fallen dramatically, by about 77% between 2004 and 2011, enabling Brazil to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions by more than a third in that period, while also preserving biodiversity and maintaining other vital ecosystem services.

The 6th All African Conference on Animal Agriculture

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The projected doubling in global food demand in the next 50 years poses significant challenges in the sustainability of food production and ecosystems, and the services they provide to society. This doubling will result from a projected 2.4-fold increase in per capita real income and also dietary shifts towards a higher proportion of meat (much of it from grain-fed animals).

Climate Smart Agriculture: Lessons from Engaging with Smallholders as Co-researchers by Sara Burbi and Mike Jones

In recent years, farmers have been placed under a growing pressure from markets and government to improve business competitiveness and simultaneously reduce the environmental impacts of farming.

Biofuel Development Should Not Compromise Food Security, Says CFS

11 October 2013, Rome - Following a week of intense discussions, the Committee on World Food Security stressed the link between biofuels and food security, saying that the "progressive realization of the right to adequate food for all" should be a priority concern in biofu