Urban agriculture

Article about "Fruits of our labour"

This paper reports from a one-year cross-cultural project about food security and nutrition in three countries. Drawing on theories in sociology and archaeology, it presents a community garden as a multipurpose technological system where health related activities occur.

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Innovative, Inspiring, Modern…We are talking about urban farming

Farming is no longer confined to rural areas. Urban agriculture is becoming an essential part of food security. In a context of rapid urbanization, higher urban poverty. More importantly, urban agriculture is essential for improving urban food security.

High-tech farming: the key to urban food security?

At the side event “Urban Food Security in an Urbanizing World: Lessons from Singapore” during this week’s Committee on World Food Security (CFS) a young man caught my attention.

A place where the plants come to us

Lessons from the Singapore experience...

Singapore is really the place where, thanks to high-tech agricultural solutions, people don’t go to the plants; the plants come closer to the people.

Cities and food: the future of agriculture development

By 2050, 66% of the world’s population will be urban, and that’s going to have a big impact on food systems. The rapid growth of cities is driving the development of new urban food policies, in which cities can take more responsibility for food security and nutrition.

Sowing the seeds of change: urban food policies

On my way to the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) this morning I passed by a small food growing space set up by local residents. Onion leaves could be spotted popping out of the soil. Only a few inches away were the graffitied walls of the busy train station. Quite a contrast! But -- what does this have to do with urban food policy?