A Roadmap for a Healthy Ganga

To hundreds of millions of Indians, the Ganges is not just a river but a holy blessing, flowing a nectar (amrit) of self-purifying water from the Himalayas to the Bengal Bay.

Irrigating Forests with Wastewater - natural and effective water treatment?

Photo credit: FAO/Rosetta Messori

Forests have a pivotal role for sustainable water supply in many ways. In drier climates, wastewater treatment can benefit from forests and forest can benefit from the use of treated wastewater. Treated wastewater is generally returned to waterways downstream, eventually entering our oceans.

Balancing competing interests and opportunities for better wastewater governance

Photo by Olga Nohra via Fickr

The water crisis has been described as largely a governance crisis, however the role of wastewater has been overlooked in this discussion. With growing interest in harnessing the potential of wastewater, there is a growing need to address conflicting interests associated with managing and using this resource.